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Starspeeder 3000 Studio Scale Model Replica (1/144th scale) Star Tours

MODEL KIT: Studio Scale model kit replicating the 1/144 scale Starspeeder 3000 ILM model used to film the original Disney motion simulator ride Star Tours. A few of the original miniatures have been sold through PropStore and this model replicates all of the details found on the original filming miniature, including the greeblie found part on the back near the engines. This kit will include: Five (5) resin 3D printed precision fit parts, one (1) resin greeblie casting, and a steel rod used to display on the base and a side blue stripe 3D printed mask.

As with any unfinished kit, sanding/filling and painting needed unless buying a finished one, but the resin prints come out really smooth and really dont need much cleanup, especially compared to FDM prints. The painted model in the photo is my V1 paint test so not final paintwork but gives an idea of what to expect.

Starspeeder kit with mask: $80 (+$15 shipping worldwide)

If interested in painting and finishing services, please send me a message to discuss pricing.